Dog Grooming

The Dog Patch offers a variety of grooming for the needs of our fur-guests.


We offer an array of grooming items from a simple bath to getting dolled up with bows or a bandana.

Patch Suds & Go
Great for end of week where you don’t need your dog to be brushed and blow dried.

Patch Bath
Includes: Shampoo, conditioner, brush/comb, blow dry & a bandana/bow.

Doodle Tidy Up
We will wash, blow dry and gently - but thoroughly - comb/brush out to ensure there is no matting. It is recommended that parents also comb/brush their Doodles at least twice a week for easier maintenance, and have a full service grooming every 2-3 weeks. If your Doodle is badly matted, we will call you to discuss a possible additional charge.


Patch Tidy Up
Bath with choice of bath products, towel dry/blow dry with light brush out, face/paw trim if needed, and a bandana or bows.

Patch Full Groom
Bath with choice of bath products, blow dry, nail clipping, ear plucking and cleaning, full body fur cut and style of your choice with hygiene areas, feet face, ears, and a bandana or bows. Cologne is optional.

**NOTE:  You can view pricing through Paw Partner grooming reservations or by calling the front desk at 813.800.3644.

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All pets must be on flea prevention and have a minimum of a rabies vaccination. If your pet becomes unruly or uncontrollable, we either reserve the right to terminate the groom appointment or charge a handling fee. If your dog has fleas, there will be a charge for flea bath and clean-up/sanitation. We strive to keep our animals happy and healthy. All grooming clients are required to sign a grooming agreement that can be found in your Paw Partner account.


  • Nail Trim
  • Nail Trim & File
  • Ear Pluck/Clean
  • Anal Glad
  • Nail, Grind & Anal Express
  • Nail, Grind & Ear Cleaning
  • Nail, Grind, Ears & Teeth
  • Fanny, Face & Feet Trim
  • Teeth Brush
  • Blow out/15 mins
  • Shave Downs
  • Deshed