Dog Boarding

Vacation Accommodations for Dogs

Let us meet the needs of your pet for a restful dog boarding stay. Just bring your dog and food, we will take care of the rest.

We offer a variety of Patch accommodations to fit your fur-kids needs. Daycare is included in all Patch Accommodations. To be a participant of the daycare groups, we recommend your pet come to visit us a few times before you leave on vacation to become acquainted with our staff and facility.

  • Standard Rooms – Based on dog size and single occupancy
  • Standard Lux Rooms – Larger rooms with upgraded Cuddle Mat by Purple Pebble™. Double occupancy permitted based on size and if siblings have boarded together previously.
  • Large Lux Rooms – Large rooms with TVs and Cuddle Mat. Double occupancy permitted based on size and if siblings have boarded together previously. Also great for large dogs.

As a lodging guest, be sure to select a Patch Exit Bath at 25% discount off our regular bath rates.

Patch Plus Perks!

Do you want your fur-kid to feel extra special while you are away?  Select one of the Patch Plus Perks!  For both dogs & cats!

  • Frozen Treat
  • Bedtime Treat
  • Bedtime Brush-out
  • Bedtime Cuddle
  • Peanut Butter Kong (excludes cats)

We are pleased to offer Cuddle Mat by Purple Pebble™. The Cuddle Mat provides consistent cushioning and safety for chewers (we will not use with heavy chewers). Cuddle Mat is hygienic, non-irritant, easy on joints, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, stain resistant and anti-bacterial…and U.S. made! It’s easy to see why we have selected this premium product to pamper your pet.

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We work similarly to a hotel. If you pick up your dog during morning office hours and before noon, there is no exta charge. A $15 fee is applied after noon.

Please consult our hours. Pricing per dog.

All boarding food must be packaged in container/bag per each feeding to ensure facility efficiency. No big bags allowed.

All daycare & boarding dogs must pass Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation and meet vaccination requirements listed on our website.

Individual Play/Solo Fee is $15 per dog per night if not playgroup compatible.

Sunday pick-up by appointment 10a.m. to 12 p.m. only.

Pricing per Dog

Effective 01/01/2023

  • Regular Lux Suites: $58
  • Large Lux Suites: $60
  • New Large Lux Suites: $70
  • Large Standard Room: $55
  • Medium Room:  $45
  • Large Small Room: $38
  • Small Room:  $35
  • Cat Condo: $25


Requirements for Daycare & Lodging. ALL pets must follow these requirements:

**All vaccination documentation must be provided on vet letterhead or payment receipt with the name of the pet clearly displayed. Please keep in mind that these requirements are mandatory and for the safety of your pet(s) and the other fur-guests.

  • Be spayed or neutered by age of 6 months.
  • Be fully vaccinated:
    • Rabies.
    • Distemper/parvo.
    • Bordetella (administered at least 2 weeks prior to visit).
    • Influenza.
  • Up to date on flea & heartworm prevention. Should your pet have any fleas, TDP reserves the right to either have the pet picked up or administer a flea bath at the owner’s cost.
  • Negative fecal result within 12 months.
  • Wear a quick release collar. If dog does not have one upon entrance of the facility, a collar can be loaned.  Buckle collars and chain collars are prohibited.
  • Pass Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation (cats excluded).
  • 4 day stay is required during peak holidays.
  • Note: If your dog does not pass Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation, a solo fee per day will apply. If your dog arrives without an evaluation and we are unable to perform evaluation during their stay, a solo fee will apply.

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What they say about us

Tara Nestleroad

My dog recently had a week long stay here while we were on vacation, and it was a great experience! She was well cared for, and got to socialize with the other dogs every day during daycare. We had never boarded a dog before and were nervous about it, but the photo updates were very reassuring. Will definitely return!

Peggy Cut-right

The Dog Patch is an excellent pet care and boarding facility. I did a lot of research before leaving my very shy rescue lab, Carmen, for a week while I traveled for work. The Dog Patch staff took exceptional care of Carmen and made sure she felt loved while separated for the first time from her family. The facility is clean and well-maintained and the staff's attention to detail with each pet is evident. I highly recommend The Dog Patch!

Chanel Herrington

This is the BEST place for your pets needs! I’ve been bringing my dog here about a year now and he loves it!! They greet him by name every time! They are pet people and it shows! My favorite part is the cute photos they send when my baby stays overnight. Thank you so much, as always we’ll be back soon!